No Second Chances in Personal Injury Law

There are no second chances in a car accident injury claim. You get one shot to get it right, and then you live with the results. In our experience, there are really only two outcomes. Either you get the money you need from the insurance company to recover or you don’t. Which outcome you’re forced to live with most often comes down to whether or not you call a lawyer.
When dealing with the insurance company, you need to remember that their best interests lie in paying you as little for your accident claim as possible, regardless of what financial situation that puts you in. And once you sign for a settlement check, it’s over. No matter how many medical bills you receive in the future or how much work you miss due to your injuries, the insurance company isn’t liable for any of it. You’re truly on your own.
That’s why you should call an experienced St. Louis car accident attorney today. We know how to determine just how much this accident is going to cost you, and we’ll fight to get you every dollar you deserve. The fact is accident victims with a lawyer get more money for their injury claim than those who go it alone. So ask yourself which side of that statistic you want to fall on, and then give us a call for a free consultation.
There really are no second chances. So get it right the first time. Contact us today.