Product Liability Claims Result in Recall for 34 Million Airbags

United States law requires the manufacturers of automobiles and their parts that will be sold in our country to be tested for safety. If a problem is discovered after the product is released, a recall may be initiated to address any issues that could result in product liability claims.
Japan-based company, Takata Corp., recently launched one of the largest recalls in U.S. history after an issue was discovered with their airbags. Documents show that when the airbags inflate in the event of an accident, pieces of metal can be hurled in the direction of vehicle occupants. This issue has resulted in serious injury to more than 100 people and is linked to as many as six deaths.
As many as 34 million vehicles in the United States—or one in seven registered vehicles—are affected by the recall. Many of the affected vehicles aren’t currently listed on the federal recall website, but officials are encouraging vehicle owners to check the website often for updates. Owners should not inspect their own vehicle’s airbags and should not disengage the equipment either.
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