Joplin Begins Recovery Efforts After Tornado

May 24, 2011
Search and rescue efforts will wrap-up this afternoon around 2:00 PM in Joplin, Missouri, following the tragic tornado that blasted through the region earlier this week. Governor Jay Nixon told News Channel 5 that a recovery of the dead will begin this afternoon. As of this morning Nixon confirmed that 117 are dead, with at least 600 injured and 1,500 still missing.
The storm that produced the tornado came through the area on Sunday and leveled the town of Joplin. The report claims that debris from the storm has been recovered up to 60 miles away. Emergency management officials have rushed in heavy equipment to clear the way so that recovery can begin.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA), has approved federal aid and Individual Assistance grants for 13 counties in Missouri and are on hand in each of those counties to answer any questions about assistance.
The tornado in Joplin caused the death of hundreds, the injury of thousands, and damages in the billions. Each individual affected will have needs and questions about what benefits they are entitled to.  The victim’s first step on the road to recovery should be to contact a Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer. The attorney’s with Cofman Townsley may be able to help you better understand what you may be entitled to with an insurance claim or government assistance.