Family Claims Doctor and Hospital Negligence Responsible for Woman’s Death

Doctor and hospital negligence injures patients in Missouri every year. Studies show that more than 10 percent of claims are the result of a doctor or hospital staff’s failure to treat or diagnose a medical condition.

A woman’s recent death at a Missouri hospital shows just how quickly failure to care for a patient in a timely manner can claim a life. Reports indicate the incident took place at the SSM DePaul Medical Center in Bridgeton.

According to KMOV 4 News, the 34-year-old victim checked into the hospital’s emergency room for a severe headache and began to wait to see a doctor. An hour and a half had passed when suddenly, the victim passed out.

She awoke and began to yell that her head was in pain. The woman continued to complain of the pain in her head for the next 30 minutes, but she never received care. A short time later, she passed out again and began to foam at the mouth. Only at that point was she taken back for emergency surgery, but by that time, it was too late. She died shortly thereafter.

Now, the victim’s fiancé is claiming the hospital’s failure to provide care in a timely manner was directly responsible for her death.

At Cofman Townsley, we know how difficult it can be to overcome the loss of a loved one due to another person’s negligence. That’s why our St. Louis medical malpractice lawyers would like to send our deepest and most sincere sympathies to the fiancé and family of the woman who died.