Lawmakers Consider Reinstating Caps on Missouri Medical Malpractice Claims

When a person is seriously harmed as the result of doctor or hospital negligence, they may have a right to seek compensation for the damages they incurred. These damages can typically be categorized into either compensatory or punitive damages. The latter are used as a way to punish the negligent and to discourage such behavior in the future. There are currently no limits on how much an individual can receive in punitive damages through a Missouri medical malpractice case, but some lawmakers are hoping to change that soon.
The Claims Journal reports some Missouri businesses and lawmakers are looking to have a cap on Missouri medical malpractice punitive damages reinstated. The cap would limit such awards to no more than $500,000.
Those in favor of the changes say the limits will bring a certainty of costs to businesses, which would open doors to more doctors and hospitals establishing practices in the state; however, those who oppose the limits say they hinder those who have been harmed as the result of doctor and hospital negligence from getting the compensation they deserve for their injuries.
The topic of tort reform has come up during legislative sessions over the last several years, but has been shot down each time.
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