You Deserve Compensation After an Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault

Auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice—they all have one thing in common: other people’s negligence.
At Cofman Townsley, we believe that people who were harmed because of the negligence of others shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for their own injury-related expenses. The medical bills associated with many types of negligence-related injuries and illnesses can be enormous. Many families have difficulty paying for them and keeping up with their day-to-day living expenses, especially when the primary income earner is too sick or hurt to work.
Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers stand up for the rights of victims who were harmed through no fault of their own. We maximize victims’ chances of getting the compensation they deserve by collecting evidence that proves they weren’t liable. Then, we calculate how much money they should get based on their accident-related expenses. Finally, we negotiate with the insurance company to finalize a fair settlement.
Having a lawyer on your side makes the compensation process easier on you and your family. Instead of worrying about what to say when the insurance adjuster calls or stressing out over paperwork and deadlines, you can focus on getting better. It’s our job to deal with the big and small details while you spend time with your friends and family.
Call us today for a free consultation to find out how we may be able to help your family during this difficult time.