Federal Government Investigating Power Morcellator Cancer Risk

When power morcellators were introduced onto the American market, doctors and experts touted the device as revolutionary because of its ability to grind body tissue in such a manner that it could be easily removed through a small incision. This allowed a less invasive and faster healing procedure to take place; however, our St. Louis defective product lawyers at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers point out these benefits come with risks.
Studies have shown use of the power morcellator during the removal of uterine fibroids in women can result in dormant cancerous cells being released into the body, where they can then spread and metastasize. Data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration shows that as many as one in every 350 women could be at risk of developing the disease and for many the information came too late.
Those who developed the disease after undergoing a procedure that utilized the device have filed thousands of morcellator cancer lawsuits. Many of the claims have been settled, while others continue to battle for compensation and damages.
These claims combined with the research that has been conducted on the use of the power morcellator has resulted in a government investigation that is looking into the safety of the device. The Wall Street Journal reports the U.S. Government Accountability Office confirmed the activity in early September.
Regardless of the outcome of this investigation, you should be aware of your power morcellator cancer risk and your rights if you’ve undergone a medical procedure using the device or you’re considering undergoing a surgery where the device would be used. Visit our website to find more information on these and other topics.