Missouri High School Athletes Report 850 Concussions

February 21, 2012
High school athletes in Missouri reported an alarmingly high number of suspected traumatic brain injuries in the past several months. Reports from KMOV 4 News say that 850 suspected concussions have been documented since the start of the school year.
The injuries were recorded as part of a new survey that lawmakers require the Missouri State High School Activities Association to fill out each year since enacting a bill aimed at protecting the safety of student-athletes. The association in turn requires each high school to document and submit each incident of head injuries in athletes.
Football players suffered the highest number of head injuries, reporting 653 suspected concussions. Male soccer players were a far second with only 81 head injuries. Other top ranking sports include:

  • Cheerleading (40)
  • Girl’s Softball (40)
  • Girl’s Volleyball (29)

As part of the survey, educational materials were distributed to coaches, parents, and athletes warning of the dangers of repeated traumatic brain injuries and how to recognize the symptoms of the injury.
It is important to recognize a concussion as repeated brain injuries can lead to edema (brain swelling), permanent brain damage, and even death.
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