3 Ways Slip and Fall Accident Dangers at Communication Tower Worksites Are Being Prevented

As wireless technology continues to advance, the number of communication towers in the United States has increased as well. These towers require manual maintenance though, which can present serious risks of suffering a slip and fall accident to workers.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports more deaths from communication tower falls occurred in 2013 than the two previous years combined, and nine such fatalities have been reported so far this year.
To help address this problem, the agency has announced a new directive aimed at improving the safety of workers. The Communication Towers Directive outlines the proper use of hoist systems that are used to lift and lower workers to where work needs to be done. OSHA recently added updates to the document that cover how to use other fall prevention equipment as well.
The agency has worked to educate the industry about the dangers slip and fall accidents can pose by creating a website discussing the topic and sending a letter to all communication tower employers calling for their adherence to the directive’s policies. OSHA has also partnered with industry leaders to gather information that can be used to further develop safety policies.
At Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers, our team of St. Louis personal injury attorneys recognizes the safety risks a slip and fall accident can pose. That’s why we’re hopeful the efforts being made to prevent such incidents from occurring will be successful.