Two Missouri Workers Injured In Demolition Accident

November 13, 2012
Two St. Louis, Missouri, demolition workers were seriously injured Sunday following an accident at the site of a four-story apartment building that was ravaged by a fire this summer. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports the accident occurred around 2:00 p.m. at the building located on the 3900 block of Lindell Boulevard.

A spokesman for the St. Louis Fire Department, First District Battalion Chief Tom McLain, explained the men were part of a crew working several floors up in a stairwell to remove debris from the building when the structure beneath their feet suddenly gave way and sent the two workers crashing roughly 35 feet to the ground. McLain explained the men were trapped beneath debris that had fallen on top of them for roughly 20 minutes while rescue crews worked to pull the injured workers to safety. Both men were rushed to a local hospital following the St. Louis Slip and Fall accident.

Accidents like this account for a large number of workers being unable to perform the regular duties of their jobs for extended periods of time, sometimes permanently, considering Slip and Fall Accidents account for roughly 15 percent of all workplace injuries.

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