Don’t Make These 2 Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

A workplace accident or injury can be devastating for you and your family. You may be in pain and suffering from reduced mobility or even complete disability, making it impossible for you to do your job. Missouri requires that all employers in the state carry workers’ compensation coverage if they have five or more employees, and the insurance must cover both full-time and part-time employees. In addition, all construction companies with more than one employee must carry workers’ compensation insurance.
At Cofman Townsley, we know that while workers’ compensation is mandatory for most companies, it still often seems out of reach for injured workers. That’s because Missouri’s Division of Workers’ Compensation has strict criteria that injured workers must meet to be eligible for benefits. Applicants must take the right steps and fill out many forms to have their cases heard, and many claims are denied.
Our St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers know that claims are often rejected because of two common mistakes:

  1. Not getting a written copy of the accident report Telling your supervisor or manager about your accident or injury is a vital first step, but a verbal report isn’t enough. Be sure to obtain a written report of the incident, as it will serve as valuable evidence when you pursue a claim.
  2. Changing any aspect of your story – Be completely honest about your accident or injury from the get-go. Don’t exaggerate or downplay any aspect of it or the pain and disability you’re experiencing. Changing your story can jeopardize your chances of getting benefits.

When you get an experienced law firm on your side, you can focus on getting better instead of worrying about filling out paperwork, speaking with the workers’ compensation office, or proving the severity of your injuries. Don’t wait—get the help you need for your claim. Call today for a free consultation.