A Law Firm Can Make a Big Difference in Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Almost all employers in Missouri are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their workers if they get hurt or develop an illness on the job that puts them out of work. And while those benefits are designed to help workers keep up with their expenses while they’re recovering, they’re often out of reach for the people who need them the most.
At Cofman Townsley, our St. Louis workers’ compensation attorneys know that many victims are fighting an uphill battle on two fronts:

  • Their employers may be reluctant to admit or acknowledge that their health problems occurred at work. That’s because documenting those claims can cost them money.
  • The Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation has strict criteria for approving workers’ compensation claims, and small mistakes, oversights, or inaccuracies can result in claims being reduced or denied.

Complying with the demands of the workers’ compensation board while your employer is working against you can feel overwhelming—especially when you are trying to recover from a serious injury or illness. Our legal team knows what you’re going through, and we know how the system works.
When you choose us to handle your workers’ compensation claim, you’ll get our years of experience on your side—not to mention our negotiating skills and our dedication to making sure your chances of getting full compensation are maximized in every facet of your claim.
Don’t lose out on the money you deserve. Call us today for a free consultation.