$6.7 Million In Damages Awarded In Missouri Wrongful Death Lawsuit

When a life is taken as the result of someone’s negligence, a victim’s loved ones may seek compensation by filing a lawsuit. The Missouri wrongful death attorneys at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers say that a Howell County woman recently took such legal action following the loss of her husband.
Reports from the Insurance Journal indicate the Missouri wrongful death lawsuit was filed in response to a 2013 motor vehicle collision along U.S. 63. Court documents show that cones in the southbound lanes of the road contributed to the crash. A southbound driver came attempted to go around the cones into oncoming lanes of traffic. However, the driver failed to recognize the victim’s approaching vehicle and the two collided head-on, killing the victim.
The wife of the driver who was killed filed a Missouri wrongful death lawsuit against the Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission and was awarded $6.7 million in damages for her loss. Limits on the judgment will require the commission to pay only a fraction of the damages.
The legal staff at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers recognizes the emotional impact of losing a loved one can have on a family. Our St. Louis personal injury lawyers are hopeful the decision brings closure to the victim’s family.