St. Louis Wrongful Death Lawyers Discuss the Importance of Establishing Negligence

October 8, 2013
When a fatal motor vehicle accident occurs, the family of the victims may have a right to compensation for their loss if negligence can be established on the part of the responsible party. The St. Louis Wrongful Death Lawyers with Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers explain drinking and driving, as well as failure to follow safety protocols, are two of the most common types of negligence seen in cases today.
Such a case is being brought against a drunk driver and two companies after an accident claimed the life of a truck driver last year in St. Charles County. According to an article from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the crash occurred on August 1, 2012, along Highway 370.
Reports indicate after a drunk driver struck the rear-end of a tractor-trailer, he pulled onto the median to inspect the damage. Two other vehicles then halted behind the pickup to offer assistance. However, a truck being driven by the victim did not have time to stop and collided with the vehicles. The impact claimed the truck driver’s life.
The family of the victim later filed suit against the drunk driver and the two companies who own the stopped vehicles, alleging they failed to follow safety regulations by not putting out reflective markers and flares to warn other drivers of the upcoming hazard.
Cofman Townsley’s team of St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers hope a decision in the case brings some sense closure to the incident for the family of the victim.