Could More Breweries Impact St. Louis Drunk Driving Accident Numbers?

Brewing has been engrained in St. Louis’s history for centuries and with the craft brewing movement continuing to grow, a new chapter in making beer seems to be developing around the city.
Brew Hub, a company that assists craft brewers in expanding their distribution, has announced plans to open its headquarters in Chesterfield, Missouri, in the near future. The company says the site will feature a brewery that will be able to produce up to 75,000 barrels of fresh beer annually.
An article from KSDK 5 News stated construction on the site—which will be located off Interstate 64—would break ground later this year. The facility is expected to be up and running by spring of 2016 and could employee up to 55 people.
It can be expected that more people will flock to our city to imbibe in the craft brew selection as the number of breweries grows; however, this can be a double-edged sword. While more breweries will bring economic gain to the region, they may also bring the potential for an increased number of St. Louis drunk driving accidents.
That’s why at Cofman Townsley Injury Lawyers we encourage those who wish to indulge in the city’s craft beer scene to do so responsibly. This means designating a driver before consuming any alcohol. If a driver is not available, plan to use a cab or loved one to get home safely.
If you’re injured in a collision with a drunk driver, we can help. Our team of St. Louis car accident lawyers is standing by to answer any questions you may have regarding your legal rights. So call us at (314) 499-1190 to speak a member of our legal staff.