Firefighters Sneezes Cause Crash That Injures Three

September 13, 2011
Nothing is scarier than suffering from a fit of sneezes while driving down the road. Your eyes close and your entire body shakes as the massive exhale makes you grip the wheel tightly, hoping not to swerve. One crew of firemen found out just how dangerous a sniffle behind the wheel can be.
KCTV 5 News reported that three firefighters from Springfield, Missouri, were injured after their truck overturned after the driver lost control in a fit of sneezes. The members of the Springfield Fire Department were not responding to a call at the time of the crash, but were traveling fast enough to leave the sneezing driver in intensive care for the past week. The other two firefighters were treated and released from the hospital the same day as the crash.
With the driver still in critical condition and unable to talk, police are going off statements of four witnesses, some victims, of the crash. Those statements say the driver was suffering from a string of sneezes that caused him to swerve and lose control of the truck. Police reports have listed the cause of the crash as a “physical impairment.”
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