Fatigue to Blame for Missouri Train Accident

While most Americans are aware of the dangers drowsy driving can pose on the road, many are unaware that sleep deprivation can pose the same risks across any form of transportation.
Take the Missouri train accident that occurred in May 2013 in the town of Rockview, Missouri. Officials have stated they believe the two trains collided because of operator fatigue.
KSDK 5 News reports the National Transportation Safety Board were on hand to investigate after a 60-car train collided head-on with a 75-car train along a set of tracks just outside of town. They concluded the conductor and engineer of one of the trains involved failed to take evasive action to avoid the crash due to fatigue stemming from erratic work hours.
The crash resulted in five bystanders being injured, as well as a conductor and engineer of one of the trains involved.
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