Missouri Hospital Begins Study On New Sleep Apnea Treatment

November 15, 2011
A Chesterfield, Missouri, hospital has announced its intentions to conduct clinical trials on a new medical device used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). KSDK News reported that St. Luke’s Sleep Medicine and Research Center announced yesterday that it has begun enrolling participants for the trials.
The study will look at the safety and effectiveness of the Apnex Hypoglossal Stimulation System, an implanted device that activates the muscles in the upper airway by electrical impulse to ensure that the airway stays open during sleep. Researchers hope that the new treatment will be beneficial for patients who have trouble sleeping while using common treatment methods like Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), which requires the patient to wear a mask strapped around their head, like a fighter pilot, that will continually pump oxygen into the airway.
Those who are interested in learning if they qualify for the Apnex Clinical Study may call 888-975-3370 or visit the website. Qualified participants will receive the medical device and care free of charge.
While this treatment may be a dream come true for some patients, caution should be heeded. Trial research like this is conducted in order to pinpoint problems and isn’t guaranteed to be safe.
This is why the Missouri Defective Medical Device Attorneys with Cofman Townsley would urge anyone considering participation in a medical device study to consult an attorney to learn your rights as a patient before giving your consent to take part.