St. Louis Workers' Compensation Lawyers Discuss Survivor Benefits

When most workers in our state are injured, they can collect Missouri workers’ compensation benefits. What happens when a worker is killed on the job though? After all, there are numerous costs the family of the victim shouldn’t incur if the death was the result of an employer’s negligence, including medical bills and funeral expenses.
The St. Louis workers’ compensation lawyers at Cofman Townsley explain the family of a worker killed in an on-the-job accident may have a right to collect what are known as survivor benefits. These benefits can be awarded to the victim’s next of kin, such as a spouse or child.
There are rules and processes that must be adhered to in order to receive these benefits though. For instance, the Missouri Department of Labor states that the victim’s employer and insurer must make a claim on the fatal incident within 30 days of the accident occurring.
If benefits are awarded, the family of the victim can expect to receive up to two-thirds of the victim’s weekly wages. They will also receive as much as $5,000 in compensation for funeral expenses.
If the benefits are awarded to a spouse, they will receive payments for the remainder of their lives or until they remarry. If benefits are paid to a successor, they will receive payments until they are 18 years old. There are two exceptions to this rule though. If the child is a full-time student, they can receive benefits until they are 22 years old. If the child is disabled, they will receive payments for the rest of their lives.
At Cofman Townsley, we know how complex the laws surrounding Missouri survivors benefits can be, which is why our St. Louis personal injury attorneys are always available to answer the questions you have if you’ve lost a loved one in a workplace accident. Give us a call at (314) 499-1190 to speak with a member of our legal staff and get the information you need to file your workers’ compensation benefits claim.