What You Need to Know About a Filing Missouri Workers' Compensation Claim

Each year, thousands of Missouri workers are injured or killed as the result of on the job accidents. Luckily, most businesses in our state are required to carry insurance policies that cover expenses related to work accidents, such as medical costs and lost wages. However, getting these claims approved isn’t always a simple process.
Injured employees are required to report accidents to their employers in a timely manner. If a dispute over compensation arises, the victim has two years to file a claim with the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Division of Workers’ Compensation. If the employer doesn’t report the incident, the victim has three years to file a Missouri workers’ compensation claim.
It’s also important that the accident and your medical treatment be properly documented through evidence. Your claim may be denied if you cannot prove the costs or severity of your injury.
If a dispute arises from your claim, the DOL suggests obtaining a lawyer. The agency goes on to explain what situations may require legal council and offers other resources to injured workers as well.
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